How to read a topographic map


In order to hike safely you should know the basics of reading a map.

on the Israel national trail for example you can just follow the mark and you will be ok, but in cases you want to go off-trail and see some close by place or view point you might need to know how to read a topographic map.

This following video explain the basic concept of contour lines:

for more resources please visit the link in the previous paragraph.. it is quite good!


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Can you read a Topo Map?

Hello guys,

There are few kinds of maps, that have different meanings. for example, in order to drive from one point to another, a regular road map will be useful. But once you've strayed from the road, maybe on some hike, you will need to use the terrain as reference, meaning that you need to be able to read a topographic map.

What's the difference between a topographic map and a regular map? basically, topographic maps allow you to see a three-dimensional landscape on a two-dimensional surface, using the concept of Contour Lines.

You probably know that a magnetized compass and a paper map are part of the fundamentals of hiking. Learning to read that paper topographic map is super important as well. Once you know it, your map will be able to tell you a very detailed story about the terrain you’ll be hiking.

I have really enjoyed this video. it targeted for beginners and covers these concepts:

How contour lines let you visualize your terrain

map scales

Other useful details


So please enjoy, and let me know if you see more resources.


Packing Tips


As you all know, weight on your back is the most annoying thing while hiking. the more your bag weights, the less you can enjoy the view. so, please see a few tips for packing light:

1.Pack “Must Have,” Not “Just In Case”

if you don’t really really really need it — don’t take it!

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪packing‬‏

2. Pack for short periods

in one to two week you will probably have a chance to re-supply. also, eat the heavy stuff first.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪travel food‬‏

3. You need the right bag!

if it is too big, you will carry some unneeded weight, as the bag weights more. obviously it need to be comfortable in the long hours on your back as well.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪hiking bag‬‏

what are your packing secrets?

The Israel National Trail

Opened in 1995, the Israel National Trail (INT) is a 680 mile (1,200 km) trail that crosses the entire country from North to South. The trail was formed through a variety of natural and human landscapes, exposing hikers to Israel’s many eco-systems and amazing views.

In 2012, National Geographic named the INT as one of the “holy grail of hikes.” Its place among the top 20 epic hikes in the world has given the INT great notoriety in the international hiing community.

Israel National Trail part 1DSCN4249.JPG

SPNI’s Israel Trail Committee (ITC) plans trail routes, marks the trails, and maintains trail signage for about 9,000 miles (15,000 kilometers) of trails, taking responsibility for the entire length of the Israel national trail. they publish the most detailed hiking and touring maps of the country, and the unique topographical maps are of such fine resolution (1:50,000 scale) that they are an essential item carried by every hiker.